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Love In A Box

I'm giving you a present,
It's my love inside a box.
It's not too much to look at,
But it's the best I've got.

So I hope it makes you happy,
If it doesn't, I never can.
But if love in a box is worth it, then,
I'll take you by the hand.

Author unknown
Love Box messages
for your SISTER
It can be nerve-wracking finding the perfect gift for the wide range of gift-giving occasions that we are faced with each year. Finding a gift that the recipient will like takes a bit of forward thinking and an understanding of the recipient's personality.

While picking the
perfect gift for your sister, remember:

Occasions and festivals to treat your beloved sister to a unique handmade Love Box she will adore:

Her birthday, her name day, Sister’s Day (first Sunday in August, 5th August 2012), Sibling Appreciation Day (2nd May), International Women’s Day (8th March), Christmas, New Year, her graduation, her wedding.
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Monday, March 05, 2012
As children, you may have spent hours holding pretend tea parties together and dressing up in costumes. Or you may have been her protector or confidante, or she may have babysat for you sometimes when you were a tot. Siblings often share a special bond that other relatives may not understand or relate to.

Christmas, birthday or Sister’s Day gift for her should be something she will enjoy, but must also reflect the connection you feel with one another. Personal designed gift is great, she will shout out the time she saw the gift specialized made for her.

Go homemade. Surprise her with a

This box is loaded with sibling quotes, quotes about sisters, family, life and love quotations and wisdom thoughts. See how easy is to take her breath away.

Just visit the page for INSPIRATIONS or the blog GIFT BOX IDEAS, check out some samples of Love Boxes and create your own. Afterwards get the NOTES FOR YOUR SISTER, print them, cut them and put them in your box.

Check the pictures below for examples of the messages. Click to enlarge.

what is a Love Box?
how to make a Love Box?
Love Box inspirations
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for your boyfriend
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It doesn't have to be really expensive.
People appreciate gifts that clearly took a lot of thought and effort, and if the gift suits them perfectly, they will know that you understand them.
Special gifts for sisters are to inspire, amuse and delight.
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