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Stunning Homemade Valentine Mailbox

Posted on 30 January 2013 | Comments Off

Stunning Homemade Valentine Gifts To Impress Your LovebirdValentine’s Day festival gives couples a reason and occasion to reaffirm their love and faith in each other and have a romantic time together.

On every 14th February, loving mates wish to express love with beautiful gifts that reflect their heartfelt emotions. But most find it difficult to select that one perfect yet innovative gift every year.

First of all it must be remembered that love can be expressed in myriad forms other than gifts. A simple phone call at work just to say, ‘I love you and you mean so much to me’ can touch his/her heart in a very special way.

Or how about a special homemade Valentine gift that shows her/him your feelings each days of the year?

Make a unique gift box for your sweetheart and fill it with


See Tilda’s lovely gift box to inspire you:

Stunning Homemade Valentine Mailbox

Select from our collection of famous Valentine’s Day Love Quotes to express your love. Written by some popular writers, these quotations will never fail to convey your love and impress your Valentine:

Cute Valentine Quotations For Her For 365+1 Days

365+1 Romantic Love Quotes For Guys

These romantic, passionate and thought provoking quotes will surely make your beloved feel like an angel in your life! :-)

Red Foxy Favor Box

Posted on 22 June 2012 | Comments Off

Red Foxy Favor Boxes Templates To Print For FreeDid you know that…

Red foxes are not all red. Other common red fox colours include brown, black and silver. Even foxes that come from the same litter can be different colours!

The Red Fox is about the size of a large cat.  In fact, although it is a member of the dog family, some of it’s habits are very cat like as well.

Foxes stalk their prey just like cats.  Also like cats, they often play with their catch before they kill it.

If they aren’t hungry, they may even catch mice just to play with, then let them go when they are done.

Red foxes have been the subject of many tales, depicted as cunning and sly. They are particularly clever at making friends with cats and dogs, charming them to the point where they are allowed to share the same food dish.

Make a Red Foxy Favor Box, it could be a nice handmade birthday gift or Valentine’s Day surprise.

It is an easy-to-make project, just get the free printable paper craft template from Paper Source Blog and follow the how-to instructions:

Red Foxy Favor Box

In your Fox Box insert


You can download them from here:

Love Messages And Romantic Quotes For Boyfriend

Family Is The Most Important Quotes

The beneficiary is supposed to pick and read only 1 message a day! :-)

Great homemade gift idea, cute box template to print.

Love In Paris Heart Box

Posted on 22 May 2012 | Comments Off

Love In Paris Romantic Birthday Gift Or Valentines Heart Box For Your SweetheartRomantic Paris is one of the best cities in the world for couples.

Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, but there are two other ways to get high with your honey. The Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame both provide stunning views of the city.

There are few better places to put your arms around your lover than atop these two attractions.

Some would even argue you get a better view, because the Eiffel Tower is so tall the city is too small from that height.

And at Notre Dame, you get the bonus of being close to the gothic gargoyles.

Paris is filled with beautiful gardens, and all make an unbelievably romantic setting. Luxembourg Gardens, in particular, is a great spot for couples, and is adjacent to the breathtaking Luxembourg Castle.

If you are planning to prepare a romantic homemade gift for your sweetheart, see Monika’s beautiful Paris Gift Box to inspire you:

Love In Paris Heart Box

After you have made your own heart shaped box, fill it with


Get the greatest 365+1 quotes from here:

Romantic Love Quotes

Sentimental Love Messages

It is not only one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day but also one of the best DIY romantic birthday gift ideas for her or for him.

There is no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a handmade thoughtful gift. The receiver is supposed to read only 1 romantic message a day… :-)


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