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Piece Of Cake Gift Box

Posted on 21 May 2012 | Comments Off

Easy To Make Piece Of Cake Birthday Gift Box“THAT’S A PIECE OF CAKE” = Something that can be done easily and pleasurably.

The light-verse writer Ogden Nash had this line in ‘Primrose Path’ : ’Her picture’s in the papers now, and life’s a piece of cake.’

The thought surely derives from the fact that for most people eating a piece of cake is easy and a pleasure. :-)

‘As easy as pie’ is an American expression. Back in the 1890s ‘pie’ was a common slang meaning anything easy, a cinch; the expression easy as pie stemmed quite readily from that.

I’m still wondering about those phrases…

A piece of cake is easy to cut, but not so easy to make.

And what’s so easy about pie? Have you ever made one? Did you also make the crust? I know there has to be SOMETHING easy about pie…

Oh, forget it. Let’s make a Piece Of Cake Gift Box instead. :-)

See Dawn’s creation to inspire you:

Piece Of Cake Gift Box

In your Cake Box you could insert


Find the best quotations here:

Romantic Love Quotes For Her

Lovely Anniversary Quotes

Perfect birthday gift idea for girlfriend, wife, mom… Adorable and stunning.

The beneficiary of your fabulous gift is supposed to read only 1 of these meaningful 366 messages a day. :-)

DIY Mother’s Day Gift 09

Posted on 12 May 2012 | Comments Off

DIY Love Box To Celebrate Mom On Mother's DayMother’s Day is a day to pay gratitude to Motherhood, a day to recognize the selfless contribution of the special woman in your life – Mother.

She has been there with you in all thick and thins and there has been your prime strength. Why not let her feel proud of you and bring smile to that face with some heartwarming gifts?

A mother is the truest friend we have who is there for us in every bend of our life.

Voice your love and bring that million dollar smile on your mom’s charming face by gifting her a special gift on the occasion of Mother’s day.

Go homemade. Create a unique Love Box For Mom and fill it with


She will definitely love it!

Get inspired by Glenda’s gift box and make your own. Something similar or something different, it’s up to you:

DIY Love Box For Mom

Get beautiful quotations from here:

Printable Sentimental Quotes On Mothers

Touching Quotes To Give To Grandma

Above all else, remember to tell mom you love her, and how much you appreciate everything she does. Moms don’t expect to be acknowledged, but it sure makes a difference when they are. :-)

DIY Mother’s Day Gift 07

Posted on 10 May 2012 | Comments Off

DIY Mother's Day Gift Box With Butterfly And Pretty FlowersThe one person who is always with us showering her love and blessings on us is our dear mother.

On Mother’s Day we honor Her. This special day is celebrated to recognize her efforts in bringing up children and contributing in many ways to their lives. Though expressing our thankfulness and love towards mother is not restricted to any special date or occasion, still we celebrate it in the month of May due to historical reasons.

Mother’s Day in the US is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. In 2012, it falls on 13th of May. It is regarded a national day in the US.

People hoist the national flag on their houses and on all the important buildings. Children pamper their mothers various creative ways. It is a very special day as each child expresses his love, affection and respect towards mother.

Find here a memorable creative Mother’s Day gift idea to treat your beloved mom with.

Make an adorable Gift Box With Butterfly And Flowers, then fill it with


Find here quotes to download:

Funny Mom Quotes

Family Is The Best Present Quotes

See Lisa’s Mother’s Day gift box to inspire you make your own:

Gift Box With Butterfly And Flowers

Such a pretty craft! Pamper your mom with the perfect gift idea, because your mom deserves the best! :-)

DIY Mother’s Day Gift 01

Posted on 4 May 2012 | Comments Off

Best Do It Yourself Gift Ideas For Mother's Day 2012A popular saying is that God cannot be present everywhere and so he created mothers.

The relationship between a mother and a child is very special and that is as good as truth.

A mother means the world to a child, it is she who protects, nourishes, and bestows her child with love and care. It is she who sacrifices many things in life to give the best to her children.

Mother’s Day is that special day that gives you the perfect opportunity to shower your mom with your love and affection. It gives you the opportunity to tell your mother how much she means to you and pamper her with generous gifts.

However, you need not spend a fortune and buy expensive gifts for your mom. You can make her day special with beautiful quotes, poems, and loving words.

For instance place


in a homemade gift box or container.

Let’s say, in a Dainty Potpourri Box you made yourself. Instructions on creating it can be found here:

Dainty Potpourri Box

You can download the best loving quotes about mothers and grandmothers from here:

Touching Quotes About Moms

Sweet Heartwarming Quotes On Grandparents

Fill these little 365+1 cards with quotes on them in your DIY gift box, and your wonderful present is ready. Your mom or grandma is supposed to read only 1 message a day! :-)

It is one of the top homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas, but also perfect for mom’s birthday. :-)

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