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Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes In A Homemade Love Box

Posted on 14 February 2013 | Comments Off

Unique Homemade Valentine Gift Ideas For Her Quotes In A Love BoxHappy Valentine’s Day to all lovers of the world! Have a great romantic day! :-)

My gift to you is a bouquet of roses:

Rose is one of the most popular flower and one of the most powerful symbol of Valentine’s Day. Since time immemorial rose flower has been a favorite of poets and romantics at heart. For them, the lovely rose stand for beauty, passion and love.

There is an interesting story behind the legend of Valentine’s Day Rose. It is said that once a beautiful maiden by the name of Rodanthe was pursued by a number of impassioned suitors. In their desperate pursuit the lovers broke the doors of Rodanthe’s house. This enraged goddess Diana. She turned Rodanthe into a flower and her suitors into thorns.

According to a popular legend in Rome once Cupid was carrying a vase of sweet nectar to the Gods on Mount Olympus and some nectar spilled on the ground. From the spot where the nectar fell emerged the beautiful Rose flower.

An interesting point to notice is that if the letters of the word ‘rose’ are rearranged, it comes out to Eros – the God of Love. Red roses are also considered to be a symbol of love and passion and the favorite flower of Venus – the Goddess of Love.

So what could be a more appropriate Valentine gift to your beloved wifehusbandgirlfriend or boyfriend than a homemade rose covered Love Box?

Just see here how Terri Moore prepared a gorgeous one:

Heart Box Covered With Roses

When you are ready with your own Gift Box, fill it with


and present it to your partner.

These love messages each day of the year will remind you both that love and care are the most important elements of life.

“We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.” Benjamin Disraeli


DIY Heart Gift Box For Valentines Love Quotes

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Best Valentines Love Quotes For 365 Days In A DIY Heart Gift BoxHAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!    HAPPY HEART DAY!!!

A variety of interesting Valentine’s Day traditions developed over time.

For example, hundreds of years ago in England, children dressed up as adults on Valentine’s Day and went singing holiday verses from door to door.

In Wales, wooden love spoons, carved with key, keyhole and heart designs, were given as gifts.

The gift of flowers on Valentine’s Day probably dates to the early 1700s when Charles II of Sweden brought the Persian poetical art called ”the language of flowers” to Europe.

The rose, representing love, is probably the only flower with a meaning that is universally understood. The red rose remains the most popular flower bought by men in the United States for their sweethearts.

Prepare a heartwarming Valentine’s gift for your honey. Make a pretty Valentine Gift Box and fill it with


See this lovely heart shaped gift box on Lifestyle Crafts Blog for inspiration:

DIY Heart Gift Box For Valentines Love Quotes

Download and print the best 365+1 quotations from here and place them in your heart box:

Valentine Love Quotes For Girlfriend

Valentine Love Quotes For Boyfriend

Valentine Love Quotes For Wife

Valentine Love Quotes For Husband

1 day only 1 message should be read by your sweetheart, he/she will definitely love it! :-)

How To Create Creative Handmade Gifts For Husband On Valentine’s Day

Posted on 13 February 2013 | Comments Off

Valentine's DIY Gifts Guide For Husband And 365 Love QuotesWhat is love?

There isn’t one true definition of Love.

Love is a combination of feelings torward another person.

Love is not wanting to go anywhere without someone.

Love is when you give your attention, your time, and your focus to someone without needing anything in return.

Love is when we want someone to feel good in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Love is when you feel like you’re one in the same with the person you love. You lose all your inhibitions, and don’t have a care in the world as long as you’re with the one you love.

Love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.

Now that we know what it is :-) , let’s create a special Love Box filled with

Notes and Messages for 365+1 Days of the Year!

See an example of Debbie’s

Celebrate Today Gift Tin.

Follow her instructions or use your creativity and make something different.

After it’s filled with messages, present it to your beloved wifehusbandgirlfriend or boyfriend!

Hurry up! :-) Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! :-)


Love You Forever Valentine Gift Box Ideas

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Valentine Gift Box Ideas Crafts For Girls And For BoysDid you know that…

Around 12th Century people were not aware the function of heart was to circulate blood inside the human body.

What they knew was that heart begins to beat faster when a person is upset or excited. They, therefore, derived that heart was the seat of emotions and feelings.

Poets too eulogized the role of heart in feelings of love and romance and over the years this make believe connection between heart and love became deep seated in the minds of people.

Today, even though it has been scientifically proved that emotions come from the brain, heart remains a powerful symbol of love and Valentine’s Day.

Make a unique gift for your sweet Valentine this year.

Create a cute gift box and fill it with


See Anne’s Valentine box to inspire you:

Love You Forever Valentine Gift Box Ideas

Download and print the best romantic quotations from here:

365+1 Ways To Say I Love You Quotes

Inspirational Love Messages For 365+1 Days

Place these little card with quotations on them in your lovely Valentine box. Explain to your sweetheart:

1 day only 1 message should be read! :-)

DIY Gift For Him Filled With 365 I Love You Quotes For Valentine’s Day

Posted on 12 February 2013 | Comments Off

DIY Gift Boxes Ideas For Him Filled With Homemade 365 I Love You Quotes For Valentine's DayThursday is Valentine’s Day, a time when lovebirds young and old get extra romantic to prove their devotion.

Saying “I love you” or “I appreciate you” isn’t always easy, but with a homemade Valentine Box full of love quotes and messages, it’s easier when you say it with a flower or chocolate!

See an inspirational example of a beautiful Love Box on Tiffany’s site:

Happy Valentine’s Day Box

Hope it gives you ideas to create something similar.

Use stamps, papers, pearls, ribbons, buttons or anything else you like for decorating the box. Make it unique, put all your love and feelings in it.

You can download

Messages and Quotes for 365+1 days

and place them rolled in your box.

A wonderful love reminder each day of the year, there is no better Valentine gift for your girlfriendboyfriendwife or husband.



Valentine Box Ideas For Valentine Love Quotes

Posted on 11 February 2013 | Comments Off

What To Fill In A Valentines Box Ideas With Valentine Love QuotesThe heart is the quintessential symbol for love during Valentine’s. It also symbolizes the significance of giving your heart to someone. A heart being pierced by Cupid’s arrow means when someone gives their heart, they always run the risk of being rejected or hurt in the end.

Cupid is a small mischieveous angel that has his roots in Roman mythology. Cupid was the son of Venus — the Roman goddess of love. It is said that anyone hit by Cupid’s arrow did not die, but rather fell in love.

This homemade heart box with Cupid, rose, feathers, pearls and ribbons is a pretty and elegant Valentine gift of its own indeed.

I hope this project will inspire you to try making some altered projects. See the creator’s page:

Cabio’s Craft Corner


Messages and Notes for 365+1 Days

in your own Love Box and give it to your wifehusbandgirlfriend or boyfriend.

You’ll see how excited they will be to open a new message each day! :-)


Halloween Box 03

Posted on 1 November 2012 | Comments Off

Free Printable Treat Boxes For HalloweenHAPPY HALLOWEEN!

The word comes from medieval England’s All Hallows’ eve (Old Eng. hallow=”saint”).

However, many of these customs predate Christianity, going back instead to Celtic practices associated with Nov. 1-the beginning of winter and the Celtic new year.

Witches and other evil spirits were believed to roam the earth on this evening, playing tricks on human beings to mark the season of diminishing sunlight.

Bonfires were lit, offerings were made of dainty foods and sweets, and people would disguise themselves as one of the roaming spirits, to avoid demonic persecution.

Survivals of these early practices can be found in countries of Celtic influence today, such as the United States where children go from door to door in scary costumes demanding “trick or treat”.

Here get a nice inspirational idea for making a quick gift box for Halloween:

Free Printable Halloween Treat Box

This adorable box is perfect for filling up with goodies and passing out to your peeps. The kids can hand them out at school, or you could use them to spruce up your stash you are handing out on Halloween.

You can fill it with


Find a unique selection of quotes here:

Quotes For Best Friends

Quotes For Boyfriend

Quotes For Girlfriend

Father’s Day Tool Box

Posted on 2 September 2012 | Comments Off

The Best Do It Yourself Father's Day Gift Ideas Tool BoxSeptember 02, Father’s Day, Australia

Happy Father’s Day! :-)

Many Australians observe Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers and father figures. Father figures may include stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians (eg. foster parents), and family friends.

Fathers Day in Australia is a chance for families to get together and celebrate in similar way to Mothers Day. Dads are spoilt and made to feel special.

If you are looking for something special you will find a great selection of websites to help you find your dad a gift.

Give a gift for your dad that will provide long lasting memories.

A homemade gift on what you have spent time and effort is always appreciated.

Make a cool Tool Box Gift Container for dad. See Lacey’s work to inspire you:

Father’s Day Tool Box

Fill this great gift box with


Get the best ones from here:

Humorous Quotes About Fathers

Touching Thank You Quotes For Grandpa

Perfect homemade gift idea for dad, unique way to celebrate Father’s Day.

He is supposed to read only 1 message a day. :-)

Back To School Container

Posted on 1 September 2012 | Comments Off

Back To School Recycled Plastic Box Gifts For KidsIt’s school time again!

Children are probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over…

Some kids feel nervous or a little scared on the first day of school because of all the new things.

New teachers, new friends, new schedules, new shoes, new notebooks, and maybe even a new school…

Luckily, these “new” worries only stick around for a little while.

But it’s not easy…

Switching from the laid-back fun in the sun of summer to rules, homework, and routines can be a big jump for parents and children alike. The transition from summer fun to school rules can stress out kids. But with a little preparation and the right attitude, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Get a Back To School Gift for your child to release the stress a bit.

You could make a homemade School Bag Gift Box and fill it with


Get the best inspirational sayings from here:

Famous Education Quotes

Words Of Wisdom And Trust

To make the School Bag, visit this site to read the instructions:

Back To School Container

Adorable gift idea that will make your daughter or son happy for at least 365+1 days! :-)

Paper Ice Cream Truck

Posted on 12 August 2012 | Comments Off

Bring Back Sweet Old Memories By A Paper Ice Cream TruckAs a child, you must have rushed to get your hands on a delicious frozen treat whenever you heard the ice cream truck drive by. Ice cream trucks were a source of frosty happiness.

Vibrant stickers of assorted, frosty ice cream treats were strewn across the truck’s sides, seeming so real and tasty, our mouths watered in anticipation.

There were chocolate nut cones, ice cream sandwiches and assorted ice pops in every flavor.  Strawberry Shortcakes, Chocolate Eclairs and Cherry Bombs to name just a few…

And there was an ice cream of all – the Buried Treasure!

It was called the Buried Treasure because you had to eat all the raspberry ice cream to discover the “treasure” deep inside.

An imprint on the plastic stick!  It might be a lion, a dog, or even a funny clown.  Whatever it was, it was well worth the wait! :-)

Bring back sweet old memories, and make a nice Ice Cream Truck Gift Box for your sister, brother, best friend…

Fill the truck with


You can get the free downloadable template of the truck from Samantha’s site:

Paper Ice Cream Truck

The coolest quotes along with pictures to fill the truck with are here:

Funny Brother Quote Cards With Illustrations

Love Messages And Romantic Quotes

Adorable gift for birthdays, Fathers’ Day, Sibling Appreciation Day…

The receiver will definitely love it! :-)

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