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Easy Homemade Valentine Gift

Posted on 20 January 2013 | Comments Off

Easy To Make Homemade Valentine Gifts For Her And For HimHave you ever wondered when was the first Valentine’s Day card written?

The first known Valentine is said to have been written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. The greeting is part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London, England.

Historians also say that Saint Valentine of Rome also sent a letter signed “From your Valentine”, to his sweetheart who was the jailer’s daughter a day before he was to be executed. This phrase is still popular among lovers.

How to say “I love you” with a unique handmade gift that will remind your sweetheart about your feelings for 365+1 days?

It’s so simple. Just make a lovely Valentine box and fill it with


See this free Valentines gift box template here:

Easy Homemade Valentine Gift

Get the most popular Valentine quotations from here:

Famous Touching Heart To Heart Quotes For Her

Sentimental Love Quotes For Him

Such a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise, he or she will definitely admire it! :-)

DIY Origami Gift Box

Posted on 20 June 2012 | Comments Off

Unique Do It Yourself Homemade Origami Gift Box FoldingDid you know that…

Origami is paper folding. The word comes from the Japanese ‘oru’ meaning ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ meaning ‘paper’. It is generally regarded as Japanese, although it is very likely that other cultures independently evolved their own paper folding traditions.

Origami probably is as old as paper is! There was certainly a tradition in Japan (and probably also in China and Spain) as far back as the 16th century. This was likely to be the simple traditional models handed down from parent to child.

Special Origami paper is available which has the particular qualities that make it more suitable for folding, but almost any paper will do.

A DIY Origami Gift Box is a nice gift idea for any family members, and it’s not even difficult to make. Just follow the steps on Cut Out And Keep website:

DIY Origami Gift Box

Make your box big enough to insert


The recipient of your sweet gift is supposed to read only 1 quotation a day.

Get the most popular quotations from here:

Sweet Heartwarming Quotes For Her

Educational Wisdom Quotes

Lovely homemade gift for her birthday, his graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… :-)

Sweet Graduation Gift Box

Posted on 29 May 2012 | Comments Off

Perfect Graduation Gift Idea For Girls And BoysGraduation is the act of completion and moving up to the next level.

There is usually a graduation from kindergarten to elementary school, from elementary school to junior high school and from high school to college. There are also graduations from medical, military or specialized schools.

There is typically a ceremony associated with graduation, where the graduate receives a diploma.

The ceremony represents the moving up from one level to another or the completion of study.

There is almost always a celebration for graduation day to recognize their accomplishment and completion of hard work – a gathering of friends and family, picnics or large parties.

Hats off to all our graduates this year!

Surprise the new grad in your family in this graduation season with a wonderful homemade gift box and fill it with


Get inspired by Deanna Tam’s fabulous craft:

Sweet Graduation Gift Box

Messages for 365+1 days can be downloaded from here:

Meaningful Life Quotes

Wisdom Quotes For Youngsters 

It is the perfect graduation gift for girls and boys that will last for at least 365+1 days, and also excellent idea for birthday or Christmas. :-)


Grad Gifts

DIY Mothers’ Day Gift 04

Posted on 7 May 2012 | Comments Off

DIY Spring Basket Project For Mothers' DayContrary to popular belief, Mothers’ Day was not conceived and fine-tuned in the boardroom of Hallmark.

The earliest tributes to mothers date back to the annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to Rhea, the mother of many deities, and to the offerings ancient Romans made to their Great Mother of Gods, Cybele.

Christians celebrated this festival on the fourth Sunday in Lent in honor of Mary, mother of Christ. In England this holiday was expanded to include all mothers and was called Mothering Sunday.

In the United States, Mothers’ Day started nearly 150 years ago, when Anna Jarvis, an Appalachian homemaker, organized a day to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community, a cause she believed would be best advocated by mothers. She called it “Mother’s Work Day.”

Surprise your mom this year with a unique homemade gift idea on Mothers’ Day.

Make a beautiful Spring Gift Basket to her and fill it with


See Amanda’s fabulous project here to inspire you:

Spring Gift Basket

Quotations for each day of year can be found here:

Inspirational Loving Quotes On Mom

Famous Wisdom Quotes

Such a great stunning project! It is one of the top DIY Mothers’ Day gifts to make. Your lovely quotes and messages will put a smile on her face every day. :-)

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