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Castle Gift Box

Posted on 23 June 2012 | Comments Off

Easy-To-Make Castle Gift Boxes Templates To PrintDid you know that…

The Normans introduced the first proper castles, starting with the wooden Motte and Bailey castles, to England following their victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

The Norman timber Motte and Bailey castles were quickly replaced by permanent stone Norman castles.

They were built to provide safety and protection from attack and to display the owner’s rank and wealth. They were often built on hilltops or surrounded by water to make them easier to defend.

The biggest castle in the world, at about 570 meters length and an average of about 130 meters wide, is Prague Castle, the castle in Prague.

Create a beautiful Castle Gift Box, it is a unique homemade birthday or Christmas present.

It is an easy-to-make craft, just get the printable box template from this website:

Castle Gift Box

The tops of the castle towers come off so that you can enclose


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The recipient should read only 1 message  day.

Amazing DIY paper project, sweet, heartwarming gift idea for anyone. :-)

DIY Fathers’ Day Gift 05

Posted on 15 June 2012 | Comments Off

Beer Bottle Gift Box For Fathers' Day For Number 1 DadFather’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting.

Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in June.

Father’s Day is not a federal holiday in most countries, with exception to Thailand because it falls on the same day as the King’s Birthday, which is a public holiday.

There are some suggestions that the idea of Father’s Day may originate in pagan sun worship.

Some branches of paganism see the sun as the father of the universe. The June solstice occurs around the same time of year as Father’s Day so some people see a link between the two.

Dad has a quiet and deep influence on us. On Father’s Day, let him know how much you appreciate and love him.

Forget a boring old card, give your dad something special to smile about this Father’s Day: a beer bottle gift box! :-)

Fill the “bottle” with


and you’ll see how much he will love it! :-)

To make your “beer bottle”, check out this site:

Beer Bottle Gift Box

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Trendy gift idea, number one Fathers’ Day surprise! You can give it for father’s birthday or Christmas as well, he will definitely love it! :-) :-)

DIY Fathers’ Day Gift 03

Posted on 13 June 2012 | Comments Off

Super Cute Free Downloadable Printable Fathers' Day Tool Box Kit Did you know that…

Father’s Day was the brainchild of Sonora Smart Dodd, whose mother had died giving birth to her.

At a time when many widowed men sent their offspring to live with relatives, Sonora’s father reared her and her five siblings alone, on a farm in eastern Washington.

In 1909, grown and married, Sonora was in church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon when the thought struck her that fathers deserved credit, too – especially hers.

Through her efforts, Spokane, Washington, held the first Father’s Day observance the following year.

Not many countries of the world celebrate fathers with their own official day. However, that is what is done in the United States every third Sunday in June.

Father’s Day is a special day for dads when they are pampered by their children, given gifts, and even surprised with breakfast in bed! :-)

On Fathers’ Day it’s your turn to show how much you love your dad. Express your love with an awesome homemade gift idea.

Make a Tool Gift Box for your dad, and fill it with


Free downloadable gift box template can be found here:

Father’s Day Tool Box Kit Template

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It is a super cute and easy homemade craft for Fathers’ Day, creative and adorable. Perfect for father’s birthday and Christmas as well… :-)

Train Gift Box

Posted on 20 May 2012 | Comments Off

Train Gift Box Popular Homemade Gift Idea For KidsBefore the railroad, travel often took weeks or months.

Travel across the continent was dangerous, difficult and measured in months.

Yet, within the span of 40 years, the Union Pacific – Central Pacific route was completed in 1869. This made it possible to complete the trip from the East Coast to the West Coast in just 7 days!

With the completion of the Missouri River Bridge at Omaha in 1872, the trip could be made without even ever leaving the steel rail.

Make an adorable Train Gift Box for any gift-giving occasion to celebrate with.

It is an easy-to-make project, you just have to download the template and follow the instructions on Card Carousel’s website:

Train Gift Box

The front of the train can be removed to insert


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Great gift idea for anybody, creative and unique. One of the most popular homemade gift ideas for kids. :-)

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