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    DIY Sisters’ Day Gift 02

    Posted on 31 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Best DIY Sister Gifts For Her BirthdayHaving a sister in your life can be a wonderful experience.

    If you have an older sister and you are a girl, she can often show you how to navigate the way through some of the more difficult areas of growing up.

    This is also true if you are a boy. Your older sister can help explain to you how to interact with the opposite sex.

    Younger sisters are a joy as well. They often worship their older siblings and it can be a nice experience to be admired. :-)

    Relationships with sisters, like any relationship depend on the people involved.

    Treat your sis on  Sisters’ Day (5th August) to a stunning homemade gift.

    Make a handmade Love Box and fill it with


    Here are the best quotation cards for you to download:

    Unique Sister Quotes For 365+1 Days

    That was the easy part. :-)

    Now create your own DIY Love Box. See this gorgeous heart box of Jodie from Oz to inspire you:

    DIY Heart Box Craft

    Beautiful, isn’t it?

    Insert your notes into your box, and explain to your sister: she is supposed to read only 1 message a day. :-)

    Your sis deserves the best Sisters’ Day gifts, and it is definitely one of them! :-)

    DIY Sister’s Day Gift 01

    Posted on 30 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Green Do It Yourself Sister's Day SurpriseMany parents justifiably worry about the seemingly endless fighting between siblings. No worries – the fights give children a chance to learn how to make up and to regain control of their emotions, skills that come in handy down the road.

    “Having a Sister Makes You Happier”: that was the headline on a recent article about a study finding that adolescents who have a sister are less likely to report such feelings as “I am unhappy, sad or depressed” and “I feel like no one loves me.”

    Why? The usual answer is that girls and women are more likely than boys and men to talk about emotions.

    Statistical analyses show that having a sister protects adolescents from feeling lonely, unloved, self-conscious and fearful. It doesn’t matter whether the sister is younger or older, or how far she lives.

    Surprise your sweet sister on Sister’s Day (5th August) with a thoughtful gift.

    Make a pretty gift box for her, and fill it with


    Find here the greatest collection of life quotations:

    Cute Sister Quotes For 365+1 Days

    Lacey Stephens has crafted a beautiful container, click here to check out her work to inspire you:

    Fun In The Sun Gift Box

    Perfect Sister’s Day gift to make or good sister’s birthday present. She will definitely love it! :-)

    Sunflower Summer Gift Box

    Posted on 24 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Stunning DIY Sunflower Gift Box Made Using ClayDid you know that…

    The default direction of the sunflower head is to point east towards sunrise (the location of the sun when it rises over the horizon in the morning.)

    During the day motor cells in the sunflower stem tilt the flower bud to try to receive a maximum amount of sunlight. By evening, the sunflower head is pointing west, towards sunset (the location of the sun on the horizon just before it is no longer visible.)

    This causes the sunflower to basically trace a 180 degree arc, tracking the sun’s position throughout the day, from horizon to horizon, sunrise to sunset.

    Overnight, the sunflower will reset to its original eastward positioning and wait for the morning, ready to follow the sun’s path once again.

    Once blooming however, sunflowers no longer exhibit heliotropic behaviour, and the stem is generally frozen into an eastward-facing position.

    Make summer last forever with a pretty Sunflower Gift Box made using FIMO soft modelling clay.

    Get detailed instructions from this website:

    Sunflower Summer Gift Box

    Fill your delightful round container with


    Get the best collection of quotes from here:

    True Love Forever Quotes

    Short Poems About Life

    Perfect gift for summer birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Sisters’ Day or just because…

    The recipient should read only 1 message a day and each days of the year will be delighted. :-)

    Gorgeous Grandma Gift

    Posted on 23 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day With A Stunning Homemade Gift Container July 23, Gorgeous Grandma Day

    Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day! :-)

    She may be the inspiration behind your family’s greatest secret recipes. Or maybe your grandma rides a Harley. The holiday for women in their 50s, 60s and 70s, who, according to Gorgeous Grandma Communications:

    Wants to get the most out of every day of her life. Cherishes herself as much as she cherishes her loved ones. Loves life – and lets everyone know it!

    Gorgeous Grandma Day is a day honoring women who age, date and mate with style.

    We all know a gorgeous grandma… But chances are high we never told them so… The kind things they did for us. The great cookies they made. The way they made us feel and laugh.

    Grandma is a very special type of person. Treat her to an unusual homemade gift on this occasion.

    Make her a wonderful gift box, and fill it with


    Here are the best quotations available on the net:

    Beloved Quotes In Honor Of Grandparents

    To make your unique gift box, have a look at Kim Score’s stunning container to inspire you:

    Gift Container For Gorgeous Grandma

    Sweet thank you gift for grandmothers for any gift-giving occasions. She will definitely love it! :-)

    Family Home Box

    Posted on 22 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Family Home Gift Container For National Parents' Day For Mom And DadJuly 22, National Parents’ Day

    Happy Parents’ Day! :-)

    In the United States, Parents’ Day is held on the fourth Sunday of every July. This was established in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution into law for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

    Parents love their children unconditionally and support them to get through the thick and thin of life. They often put their self-gratification aside, in order to nurture their children in a loving and secure environment.

    It becomes imperative to dedicate at least a day to the parents, who readily dedicate their whole life for their children. That is why, since the establishment, Parents’ Day is celebrated with gusto.

    Parents Day has today become a special day for the parents, their children and the society.

    Surprise your dear mom and dad with a pretty DIY gift on this special occasion.

    For instance, make an adorable Family Home Box and fill it with


    Check out the nicest quotes on parents and children relations here:

    365+1 Dearest Mom Quotes

    365+1 Cool Quotes On Dad

    For inspiration have a look at Melissa’s gorgeous Home Gift Box, and create something similar with family photos on it:

    Family Home Box

    Perfect Parents’ Day surprise, excellent gift idea for Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day, too. :-)

    Dad’s Cool Tool Box

    Posted on 21 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Daddy's Cool Tool Box Handmade Gift Idea For National Parents' DayThe Parents’ Day is celebrated on fourth Sunday of July every year and provides a wonderful opportunity for the society to honor parents who play an influential role in the development of their children.

    People celebrate Parents’ Day through proclamations, activities, and educational efforts in furtherance of recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.

    Parents always try to maintain good and effective communication with their children, so as to ensure low levels of delinquency and high levels of mental health.

    Parents always strive to fulfill the needs, and desires of their children.

    The influential role of parents is quiet evident from a latest research, according to which, children who are involved with parents in their lives attain greater levels of success, both economically and academically.

    Give a nice handmade thank you gift to your dad on this special day.

    Create a lovely paper craft tool box, and fill it with


    See Amanda’s creation to inspire you to make your own present:

    Dad’s Cool Tool Box

    Get the coolest dad quotes from here:

    Number 1 Dad Quotes

    Quotes About Family Love

    Great Parents’ Day gift idea, perfect for daddy’s birthday or Father’s Day as well. :-)

    Mom’s Keepsake Box

    Posted on 20 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Mom's Keepsake Box As Parents' Day Gift Idea DIYParents’ Day (fourth Sunday in July) is significant because it honors parents everywhere who are vital to the developments of future generations.

    This day has been celebrated to show our honor and express gratitude to the two most important people of our lives.

    This special day is a tribute to the efforts of parents and encourages everyone to show appreciation for their own parents.

    In 1994, the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill to create a national observance for parents.

    On October 14 of that year, President Bill Clinton signed the bill into law, thereby establishing National Parents’ Day.

    Parent’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July each year. On 2012,  this special day will be celebrated on 22nd July according to Gregorian Calendar.

    Whatever be the occasion, Mother’s day, Father’s Day or Parents’ Day, we try to convey our love and regards to our parents with some special gifts.

    You could make a handmade keepsake box for your mom, and insert


    See Terri’s pretty gift box to inspire you make your own:

    Mom’s Keepsake Box

    You can find the best family quotations here:

    Thank You Mom Quotes

    Family Is The Best Present Quotes

    Tell your mom to open and read only 1 message a day.

    Lovely Parents’ Day gift idea, perfect for mom’s birthday or Mothers’ Day as well. :-)

    Triangle Butterfly Box

    Posted on 9 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Triangle Butterfly DIY Birthday Gift Box For Men And For WomenButterflies are something unique of a creature in the insect world.

    They start out as one thing (a caterpillar) and become a butterfly. They start their lives as caterpillars eating everything as much as they can till they get big enough to start a cocoon.

    They spin this web of silk to hide in and as they are hiding in their cocoon they change into a butterfly. When they are ready, they then fight their way out of that cocoon to what we see flying about on wings of pure beauty.

    Did you know that if you were to do what you think is the a kind thing and help a butterfly out of its cocoon that it won’t be able to fly? Its the fighting it does to get out of its cocoon that strengthens its wings so it can take to the air.

    Now think about that in your own life as a example. We all started somewhere – good or bad, we started our lives somewhere in the world. As children we eat as much as we could till we grew up large enough to leave home. Our families and the world around us put’s us into a cocoon. We fought out of our cocoon that are families put us in to grow up and become the persons we are today…

    Make a pretty Butterfly Gift Box to a friend or your mother, your sister. It is a lovely gift idea.

    See Gloria Stengel’s beautiful box to inspire you:

    Triangle Butterfly Box

    Fill this unique gift with


    The best selection of quotation cards along with pictures can be downloaded from here:

    Wisdom And Educational Quotes

    Family Is The Most Important Quotes

    Put them all in your gift box and explain the recipient: 1 day only 1 message is supposed to be picked and read.

    Perfect DIY birthday gift idea for her and for him, great handmade gift for kids and adults. :-)

    Colorful Summer Gift Box

    Posted on 8 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Bright And Colorful Gift Box For Summer Birthday Boy Or Girl Why do we love summer?

    The sun is what most people are missing the colder parts of the world. We long for summer because it is warm and nice, the nature is splendid and generous.

    The question “why do we love summer?” may appear silly. Why?!? Summer time is obviously so great. :-)

    Summer heat means tan bodies, sundresses, flip-flops and bikinis. It means soaking up Vitamin D by the pool and watching summer afternoon storms roll through.

    It means taking a refreshing shower on a hot day and sitting outside with friends on a warm night. Put on some sunscreen in relish in the summer.

    There is always so much more to do in the summertime: concerts, festivals, cookouts – good times! Grab a cooler of your favorite iced beverages and bring along a few friends. There is nothing more you need in order to enjoy those perfect summertime events.

    A Colorful Summer Gift Box is a nice handmade gift idea to celebrate a summer birthday.

    See Alyna’s bright colored project to inspire you:

    Colorful Summer Gift Box

    Fill this lovely box with


    Make the recipient smile with these funny or touching quotations:

    Cheerful Messages To Cheer Her Up

    Wisdom Quotes For Every Day

    Super cute summer craft project, the beneficiary will definitely appreciate the time and effort you put in your gorgeous homemade birthday gift. :-)

    Summer Hat Box

    Posted on 7 July 2012 | Comments Off

    Summer Hat Container To Make For The Women In Your LifeDid you know that…

    The history of hats starts a very long time ago in Thebes.

    The first hats were those made out of straws, or a simple skull hat.

    The slaves in Greece and Rome used to wear Phrygian hats to denote their social status. Women didn’t use to wear hats as they were only allowed to wear veils, hoods and caps.

    Today a hat has become a symbol of fashion.

    Men are rarely seen with hats, now women are the ones that enjoy the benefits of such beauty trademarks.

    Ladies hats are even more that mere accessories – they can be real lifesavers when you are having a bad hair day for example.

    They can be worn almost in every season: in winter to keep you warm, in spring and autumn they can shelter you from the rain and in summer they can simply shelter you from sun rays.

    A pretty handmade Summer Hat Gift Box is a nice gift idea for any ladies.

    Here you can check out Kim’s post for instructions:

    Summer Hat Gift Box

    Fill your lovely container with


    Get unique quotations from here:

    Messages For The Best Grandma In The World

    Famous Touching Quotes For Women

    Sweet gift idea for the women in your life, perfect gift for Mothers’ Day, Sister’s Day, and for her birthday… :-)

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